Marketing Support

Keeping you ahead of the curve on market trends.

We strive to support your sales with engaging media and thoughtful content to keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to the hottest produce trends and seasonal products. We provide ready-to-distribute point of sale information sheets for products and commodities, develop produce marketing calendars to help your buyers and managers plan promotions seasonally, and support your team with the media they need to effectively market products to the end user.

Do you hold demos or conduct sales meetings? Our marketing team is available to participate in store-hosted demos or tastings and present on various topics in produce, including specialty and ethnic products, produce distribution, and food safety and other certifications.

Additionally, our informative newsletters and weekly market reports ensure your team is up-to-date on market behavior and product availability. An active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and Instagram provides a boost to your own social media efforts and connects your buyers in real-time to product arrivals, happening trends, and culinary inspiration.

Interested in becoming a John Vena customer? Contact us at or 215-336-0766.