Sorrento Lemon

This distinctive citrus fruit is grown in the Sorrento Peninsula, on the Island of Capri, and in the area around Naples. Sorrento Lemons are medium-large sized fruits, with very juicy, acidic pulp and an intense aroma. The fruit produces all year long, but the best fruit is grown from spring to the end of autumn. These lemons are traditionally used to make Limoncello, which is a liquor made using the lemons and vodka or grain alcohol.

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Handling & Storage


In Italy, the fruit is available most of the year. The peak season is the springtime. Due to the cost and difficulty of importing fresh lemons from Italy to the USA, we are not able to offer fruit on a regular basis.

Also Known As

  • Ovale di Sorrento

Store lemons in a cool (not exceeding 45-48°F), dry place for up to one week, or freeze whole lemons for up to 3-4 months (to be used for juice ONLY).



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