Coraline Endive

A brand new member of the chicory family of lettuces developed in France by the Vilmorin Seed Company, Coraline (pronounced "cora-leen") grows like endive — a two-stage process involving first producing a root in the field, and then transporting the root to a cool, moist room with no light and forcing the root to sprout. Without light, the plant does not undergo photosynthesis and therefore produces no green chlorophyll, keeping the leaves their beautiful white and brilliant yellow color.

Coraline has elegant long, fringed leaves that are sweet and crisp. It appears to be a cross between a Belgian endive and frisee, and can't help but get attention on the plate. The leaves hold up well to acidic dressings and pre-plating. Clean leaves and high yields make it easy to prepare and the perfect option for appetizers and center plate salads or accompaniments.

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Store in an opaque bag or dark area at 32°F for up to 14 days. Exposure to light or ice can cause discoloration.


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