Banana Flower

The banana flower is the deep purple/red colored flower which grows at the end of the stem holding a bunch of bananas. A common ingredient in many Asian and tropical cuisines; the flower's leaves can be used as serving dishes or the whole thing steamed and then sliced to be added to soups, stews or noodles.

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Handling & Storage


Year round

Also Known As

  • Banana Blossom
  • Banana Heart
  • Banana No Tsubomi
  • Dok Kluai
  • Jantung Pisang
  • Kehel Mal
  • Kere Kafool
  • Ngapyaw Phoo
  • Puso
  • Shang Chao Fua

To store, refrigerate. Use promptly for best quality. Rinse well before use. After cutting the banana flower open, rub with lime or lemon juice and wrap with plastic to prevent oxidization.


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