Purple Pride

Van Dujin Brothers, Green Brothers, and Eggplant Nursery De Jong united as Purple Pride in 1996 and have been determined to harvest the finest, healthiest, and most delicious eggplants since.  Their passion, craftsmanship, and love of nature, their products and a refined taste drive Purple Pride to produces nearly 18 million pounds of eggplants every year.  Purple Pride growers ensure high quality products by harvesting their eggplants at the perfect ripeness.  They supply a wide range of juicy, firm fruit with shiny skin in the most beautiful colors, from bright white to deep purple eggplant.  Purple Pride focuses on supplying the most flavorful fruit whether it is the dark-purple eggplants which are well-known in the Netherlands or one of their ‘specialty’ eggplants like the long, narrow and slightly sweet Nasu, the small and juicy Konasu, the white eggplant, or the Graffiti with its decorative stripes.

Importance of this Region:

The Purple Pride growers collaboratively own about 38 acres of greenhouses located in the Netherlands.  By utilizing the latest innovative technology and growing in the best environment, Purple Pride is able to produce fresh and nutrient rich products year round.  

Food Safety Information:

Purple Pride growers are always looking for new and sustainable ways to grow their flawless eggplants.  In Terneuzen, the Purple Pride association of growers is leading the way towards a clean and energy-efficient future with their new glasshouse area.  One of the Purple Pride growers is reusing the CO2 and heat which are released during the production of artificial fertilizer, reducing the company’s consumption of natural gas by more than 90%.  The CO2 which is released actually ensures better growth and therefore even tastier crops.  Not only is CO2 recycled, but water waste is also purified on site.