B&W Quality Growers, Inc.

B&W Quality Growers, Inc. is a fifth generation family owned and operated farming company established in 1870 that specializes in growing the best quality Distinctive Baby Leaves™.  Over the years the company has developed unique varieties, unique systems and techniques, and some of the most unique and sophisticated farms in the world allowing it to be the world’s largest grower of watercress and baby leaf specialties.  The corporate headquarters have been based in Fellsmere, Florida since the company established the B&W brand for its renowned 12 and 24 count bunched watercress in 1969.  The company currently promotes two brands: B&W Quality Growers which offers conventional bunched items for wholesale and ethnic markets and B&W Gourmet Farms which offers value-added ‘table ready’ baby leaf products for retail and food services.  John Vena, Inc. has been a proud partner of B&W Gourmet Farms for over a decade of successful selling of arugula and watercress.  “Every detail of the growing, packing and shipping process has been carefully attended to and this certainly shines through in the high quality of the products that appear on our tables”, said Dan Vena after visiting B&W’s operations in Fellsmere, Florida.

Importance of this Region:

Closely monitored sustainable seasonal farms with specialized growing techniques and environments in eight different strategically chosen locations within the United States empower B&W Quality Growers, Inc. to supply 100% organic natural products year round.  B&W uses the ‘follow-the-sun’ strategy which allows the products to be grown where they are always in season and at their peak freshness and flavor.  Farms in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia produce from June to September and farms in Alabama, California, and Tennessee from May through October.  Farms in Arizona and Florida are able to provide in the winter months from November into May.  This strategy enables the company to let each farm lay fallow for up to six months so the soil can naturally rejuvenate and rain fall and ground water resources can be preserved.

Food Safety Information:

B&W Quality Growers, Inc. is governed by an industry approved HACCP program, utilizing industry ‘best practices’ and is food safety audited regularly achieving Superior Ratings.  The company stresses the importance of maintaining a world class food safety program in every aspect of their farming and packing operations.  In fact, it is GlobalGap certified and ensures fresh, flavorful, and table-ready distinctive baby leaves through a state-of-the-art field-to-fork approach.  B&W also focuses on its ‘Smart Farming’ initiative by significantly reducing chemical use to improve the environment, and ensure healthier products in more sustainable and natural ways.  B&W is even certified organic for USDA, EU and UK standards.  The company’s fully documented and highly skilled workforce is fully committed to utilizing their sustainable farms to benefit society, be environmentally friendly, and maximize quality and availability of Distinctive Baby Leaves™.