Giacomo Altieri

The Altieri family has deep roots in the citrus business in Sicily.  The firm is managed by Giacomo Altieri, with daily operations in the hands of his son Pascal.  The farm is located in Palagonia, a small citrus farming community in the Province of Catania in Sicily.  The family grows several varieties of oranges in groves scattered around the town. Their packing house and offices are located just outside the business district of Palagonia.

Importance of this Region:

Palagonia and the groves surrounding it lie in the shadow of Mt. Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe.  The mild Mediterranean climate and the rich volcanic soil combine to form one of the best micro-climates in the world for the cultivation of oranges.  In addition, there is a long tradition of orange cultivation in the area, and the collective experience and insight of the growers contributes to a business climate of constant product improvement.


The area is recognized as the premier place for the production of red flesh or blood oranges.  Red oranges are among the most popular in Italy and throughout Europe both for fresh consumption and juice.  Varieties produced here are sanguinello, moro , and tarocco. The moro variety is widely grown in California, but there it does not develop the size or sugar that is found in the area around Mt. Etna. Tarocco, a relatively new variety, is by far the best of these varieties.  It does not always have full red interior color, but sizes nicely, is an easy peeler and is seedless!

Food Safety Information:

The Altieri farm and packing house conform to food safety standards and are routinely audited by Italian agencies. The farm subscribes to good agricultural practices, and is certified.


Sistema D'autocontrollo - metodo HACCP

Reg.CE 852-853/04 (pacchetto igiene)

D.Lgs. 193107 e Reg.CE l78/02 (tracciabilietà e rintracciabilita).