I Love Produce

I Love Produce, a family-owned business strong in core values, is a wholesale garlic and produce company. The company was created by brothers Jim Provost and Neil Millman. Jim has over 30 years of experience in the agriculture industry distinguishing himself as a Leadership Fellow for the United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Leadership Program. Just as outstandingly, Neil had over 20 years of experience in the financial industry before switching career paths to the produce industry, which he has now been a part of for over 10 years. I Love Produce provides a family atmosphere that strives to deliver garlic, shallots, and ginger year round for their customers. I Love Produce carries their assurance, reliability and relational values into their business by giving a percentage of their sales to the Children of Antonio Raymond School from the region they receive their Organic Ginger. They assure their customers, growers, and suppliers they will go above and beyond to provide a relationship they can count on. I Love Produce is proud to have a great team that works together to achieve goals that help their company, partners and in turn translates into success for their team.

Importance of this Region:

I Love Produce grows their items in both the northern and southern hemispheres to ensure a year round supply. Garlic grows best in Mediterranean climates, and ginger in tropical climates.

Food Safety Information:

I Love Produce does not simply meet the regulations of the FDA and the USDA, but assures a world class food safety program. They participate in the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and an impartial third party audit by PrimusGFS. They have a full time Food Safety Manager to oversee the day to day activities. I Love Produce is adamant in knowing where the produce comes from to where it is going and making sure it is the best and safest quality along the way. They have definitely built a food safety program to be proud of.