How to Eat a Lychee

July 18, 2016

Lychees sure are cute - but how to crack this mysterious "nut" (spoiler alert: it's not actually a nut!)? Here are 5 easy steps to get at the good stuff!


Step 1: Choose Ripe


Find a firm, pink fruit (some brown is OK, and does not affect taste) with smooth skin. It should have a little give when you squeeze it gently. It's edible when underripe, but won't have that sweet, refreshing flavor we're after! When overripe, the taste can become a bit funky or off-tasting.


Step 2: Peel & Pop

Grip the nub of the stem use your fingers to crack and peel away the knobbly, inedible skin. If the lychee is perfectly ripe, a gentle squeeze should slide the skin off quite easily. Inside you'll find white, semi-transluscent flesh with a texture similar to a peeled grape. They tend to be juicy, so be prepared for drips.


Step 3: Remove Seed

How to Eat a Lychee by Housevegan

A large, brown, smooth seed hides in the center of the fruit. Gently remove the seed and discard (it's inedible).


Step 4: Enjoy!

Chicken and Lychee in Sweet and Sour Sauce by Daily Cooking Quest


Pop the flesh like a juicy cherry (warning: they're addictive), or incorporate into a recipe. Add a tropical flair to fruit salad with chopped lychee or stuff the flesh with pork or cream cheese. Trying throwing together a lychee salsa to serve over seared scallops or barbecue sauce for a mysterious hint of sweetness. Lychee is even great in stir-fries: throw them in with a sweet and sour chicken stir-fry for an added sweet, crisp flavor that goes well with ginger and honey.


Step 5: Store them Right

Keep whole lychees in the refrigerator wrapped in a dry paper towel, inside a perforated plastic bag or container with the lid left open. They can last up to a week this way. Store any cut lychee in a sealed container in the fridge for up to three days.


How do you use lychee?

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