The John Vena, Inc. Difference

We at John Vena, Inc. believe our organization can be distinguished from our competitors. What sets us apart is our belief that every transaction along the chain of distribution is essential to our reputation. Our product is not just the things that we sell, but the way we do business. Our philosophy can be summed up by the phrase "Partners in Quality," which represents our core belief that our "partners" must benefit in order for us to sustain a healthy business. We feel that it is imperative to remain faithful to our rich tradition, while keeping a progressive view toward the future.

PMA Gold Circle: The Campaign for Food Safety

John Vena, Inc. is a proud contributor to the PMA Gold Circle, a group of produce industry leaders around the globe committed to funding ongoing food safety initiatives in the areas of training, research, outreach, and communications. Combined, these efforts help assure that consumers enjoy a safe, healthy eating experience – every bite, every time.

Research: The Gold Circle campaign has provided $2 million towards the development of the Center for Produce Safety at the University of California, Davis that focuses on research, training, and outreach for the industry.

Consumer Education: The Gold Circle campaign has helped fund a four-year educational outreach program to reach grades 3 and 4 and their parents with children’s publisher Scholastic and PBH’s Campaign for Children’s Health.

Outreach and Training: A portion of Gold Circle contributions is designated for outreach and training programs that enhance food safety education at the farm level.

Communications: The Gold Circle program has enabled PMA to develop a communications campaign aimed at maintaining and rebuilding consumer and buyer confidence in fresh produce.

John Vena Produce is a fourth generation family business.