Partners in Quality

We view our suppliers, shippers, staff, and customers not just as business associates, but as partners. We reach for a standard that includes integrity, fairness, and respect. The natural outcome of real teamwork is success for all members of the team. In our business that means a distribution system of fresh herbs, greenhouse vegetables, ethnic and high-end specialty produce that provides value for everyone along that chain of distribution. The quality of our service is every bit as important as the quality of our products.

Value Statement

  • We must all believe that our customers judge us by the quality of our product.
  • Our customers include those people to whom we sell, our suppliers, and our staff.
  • Our product is not just those things that we sell. It includes the way we treat everyone we do business with everyday.
  • The yardstick by which we are measured is our willingness to do what should be done– not just what must be done.
  • Accuracy, timeliness, and integrity are as important to our business as variety, freshness, and quality.
John Vena Produce is a fourth generation family business.